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◆Automotive Lubricants & Maintenance Supplies: automotive lubricant oil, deicing fluid, braking fluid, cooling liquid, anti-wear agent, pour point depressant, improver, antirust additive etc.;
◆Industrial Lubrication Oils: used for metallurgy, machinery, energy, aviation, ship-building, railway, harbor machinery, metal working and so on;
◆Lubricant oils, Grease and Furnace Oil Additives;
◆Technology used oil: metal processing oil, liquid, etc; 
◆Fully synthetic based oils,  based oil additives, producing equipments and test instruments for lubricant oil producing, packaging, filling, label printing and blending. Full excellent lubrication technology, evaluation method and quality control technologies.
◆Lubricating system & equipments: accessory equipments used for lubricating system design, development, maintenance and related environment treatment.
◆Related Instruments: analytical instrument, experimental testing Instrument and testing desk used for lubricant oil.

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