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◆We will promote our exhibition by large and accurate data accumulation, promotion net relationship and large amount of professional media, such as: professional magazines, newspaper, websites, TV, outdoor media advertisements, direct mail advertising, emails, MSM, special mailing, organized purchasing group by association, telemarketing etc. These methods and ways are proved effectively by our many years' work.
◆ Before exhibition, the organizing committee will post exhibition messages & advertisements on more than one hundred professional newspapers, magazines and websites. Combined with our huge influence & authority, we will insist on advertising to users by main media, to producers & dealers by professional media. Our aim is to build an internationally professional lubricating oil exhibition.
◆ We will invite about 90 thousand professional visitors from home and abroad by mail exhibition tickets, invite more than 200 thousand professional users by emails, invite more than 10 thousand sales companies & distributors by fax, and invite more than 10000 professional VIPs by invitation cards. Meanwhile, we will entrust global professional associations, societies and media for organizing visitors. More important, exhibitors can invite their own target users by tickets & VIP invitation cards provided by the organizing committee.
Through this exhibition enterprise:
☆The search for agents, to open up overseas oil industry market;
☆The exhibition of new technologies and new products effective platform;
☆The increase in sales of products;
☆The nearly1000home and industry decision-makers face-to-face;
☆The development of new customers, enhance existing customer relationships;
☆The display of corporate image, expand the influence of the enterprises.

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